1905 Giants Return To Top Spot

New York Is #1 After Cubs Slip

After spending two seasons in the number two slot, the 1905 New York Giants have returned to #1. The seventh season, 1906, of the Epic Scenario, The .600 Club, has finally been completed. Thanks to an off-year by the previous leader, the 1907 Chicago Cubs, the Giants have returned to the top spot in the rankings after a great season in the Majors. The Giants returned to the World Series, although they did lose in six games to the 1976 Cincinnati Reds. Here’s a look at the updated rankings, with their previous year’s rank in parentheses:

  1. 1905 New York Giants (2)
  2. 1907 Chicago Cubs (1)
  3. 1967 St. Louis Cardinals (4)
  4. 1934 Detroit Tigers (3)
  5. 1902 Pittsburgh Pirates (8)
  6. 1942 St. Louis Cardinals (10)
  7. 1962 Los Angeles Dodgers (NR)
  8. 1909 Chicago Cubs (12)
  9. 1972 Pittsburgh Pirates (7)
  10. 1980 New York Yankees (5)
  11. 1930 Washington Senators (18)
  12. 2011 Philadelphia Phillies (14)
  13. 1939 New York Yankees (9)
  14. 1908 Chicago Cubs (13)
  15. 1911 Philadelphia Athletics (11)
  16. 1911 New York Giants (20)
  17. 1910 Chicago Cubs (6)
  18. 1986 New York Mets (16)
  19. 1999 Atlanta Braves (NR)
  20. 2015 Pittsburgh Pirates (23)
  21. 1977 Philadelphia Phillies (NR)
  22. 1942 New York Yankees (NR)
  23. 1936 New York Yankees (21)
  24. 1932 Philadelphia Athletics (24)
  25. 1944 St. Louis Cardinals (25)

#1-5 Recap

The 1905 New York Giants won their division with a record of 97-65. With this project 1/3 of the way through the Deadball Era, it is little doubt the Giants will be competing for the title of the best Deadball Era team. Their 1907 season could be more of a challenge, however, as third baseman Art Devlin was injured in August and it seems as though he’ll miss the majority of the season recovering.

As for the 1907 Chicago Cubs, they finished second in their division at 83-79, missing the Major League playoffs.

Moving up a spot to #3 are the 1967 St. Louis Cardinals. The Cardinals also finished second in their division, missing the Major League playoffs with a record of 88-74.

Meanwhile, the 1934 Detroit Tigers had a bad showing in AAA, posting a record of 67-77 in the Pacific Coast League. The Tigers were demoted to the Texas League (AA) for the 1907 season.

Moving up three positions to #5 are the 1902 Pittsburgh Pirates. The Pirates won their Major League division at 93-69. Pittsburgh made it through the wild card round, but fell in the divisional playoffs to the 1976 Cincinnati Reds, four games to two.

#6-10 Recap

The 1942 St. Louis Cardinals move up four spots to the #6 position. The Cardinals finished at 86-58, winning their division in the International League (AAA) and earning a promotion to the Majors. St. Louis lost in the championship series three games to one to the 1951 New York Yankees.

Leaping into the Top 25 Rankings all the way to #7 are the 1962 Los Angeles Dodgers. The Dodgers finished their season at 94-46 in the South Atlantic League (A). Los Angeles won the league championship over the 1941 Brooklyn Dodgers, three games to two. Based on their performance, they were the best team in this competition for the 1906 season, which sent their ranking numbers soaring. A promotion to the Florida State League (A+) for the 1907 season will test whether this kind of performance can be sustained.

The 1909 Chicago Cubs move up four positions to #8 after a successful 84-60 record in the International League (AAA). Unfortunately for the Cubs, although they were the fourth best team in the league, they placed third in their division and failed to make the playoffs.

Down two spots to #9 are the 1972 Pittsburgh Pirates. The Pirates finished their year in the Pacific Coast League (AAA) at 75-69, but failed to make the playoffs, finishing second in their division, 23 games back.

The 1980 New York Yankees drop down five positions to #10. The Yankees finished 78-84 in the Majors, but managed to avoid being sent down to AAA.

#11-15 Recap

Climbing seven spots to the #11 position are the 1930 Washington Senators. The Senators had a great season, finishing 80-60, the best record in the California League (A+). Washington lost the league championship to the 1996 Cleveland Indians, three games to two. The Senators earned a promotion to the Southern League (AA) for the 1907 season.

The 2011 Philadelphia Phillies climb up two spots to #12. After spending 1900-1904 in the Dominican Summer League (R), the Phillies have hit their stride, being promoted in each season since 1904. Philadelphia finished 81-59, 13 games back of the 1962 Los Angeles Dodgers. They made the playoffs, but lost in the playoff series to the 1941 Brooklyn Dodgers, two games to one.

Coming in at #13, dropping four places in the poll, are the 1939 New York Yankees. The Yankees posted a record of 39-37, but missed the postseason in the New York-Penn League (Short A).

The 1908 Chicago Cubs fall one spot back to #14. The Cubs finished their season at 78-62 in the Texas League (AA). But due to the split season format, Chicago failed to make the playoffs, despite posting the league’s second best overall record.

At #15 are the 1911 Philadelphia Athletics, who fell four positions in the poll. The Athletics finished in a three-way tie for the Southern League’s (AA) best record at 77-63. However, they fell to the 1946 Brooklyn Dodgers, three games to two, in the playoffs.

#16-20 Recap

The 1911 New York Giants move up four spots to the #16 position in the rankings. The Giants had the best record in the Carolina League (A+), but were upset in the playoffs, losing two games to one to the 1951 Brooklyn Dodgers.

At #17 are the 1910 Chicago Cubs, who drop 11 places from last season. In their first season at the Major League level, the Cubs finished a terrible 68-94, earning themselves a demotion down to the International League (AAA) for the 1907 season.

The 1986 New York Mets fall two places to #18. Other than a slip in the rankings, the Mets finished second in their division in the Eastern League (AA) at 77-65. New York fell, three games to one, to the division champ, the 1937 New York Yankees. Regardless, they’ve earned a promotion to the International League (AAA) for the 1907 season.

Jumping into the Top 25 to #19 are the 1999 Atlanta Braves. After spending six seasons in the Dominican Summer League (R), the Braves have begun their climb. They spent the 1906 season in the New York-Penn League (Short A), leading the league with a record of 48-28. Atlanta won the league championship, defeating the 1977 Philadelphia Phillies, two games to one.

The 2015 Pittsburgh Pirates continue to impress, moving three places up the rankings to #20. The Pirates joined this project in the 1903 season and are making their mark quickly. In the 1906 season, Pittsburgh finished 73-67 in the Midwest League, losing to the 1977 Los Angeles Dodgers in the first round of the playoffs. Regardless, they were promoted to the Carolina League (A+) for this next season.

#21-25 Recap

Moving into the top 25 ranks at #21 are the 1977 Philadelphia Phillies. After spending six seasons in the Appalachian League (R), the Phillies have begun their climb through the minors. In 1906, Philadelphia won the Stedler Division in the New York-Penn League (Short A) with a record of 41-35. They defeated the 1991 Pittsburgh Pirates in the playoffs, two games to none, but lost the championship series to the 1999 Atlanta Braves, two games to one. Their success has earned them a promotion to the Southern Atlantic League (A) for the 1907 season.

The 1942 New York Yankees have entered the ranks at #22. The Yankees started their journey in the Southern League (AA) in 1900, were promoted to the Pacific Coast League (AAA) for the 1901 season and debuted in the Majors in 1902, where they have been ever since. While they did make the playoffs in the 1902 season and have had a winning record every year, they didn’t see the postseason again until this past year. New York won their division with a record of 96-66 and won their wild card series against the 1910 Philadelphia Athletics, four games to three. The Yankees lost in the divisional playoffs, however, to the 1905 New York Giants, four games to two.

Dropping two places to #23 are the 1936 New York Yankees. The Yankees finished with a winning mark of 84-78,  failing to make the playoffs for only the second time in their seven years in the Major Leagues.

Falling four spots to #24 are the 1932 Philadelphia Athletics. The Athletics spent two seasons in Short A before making their climb to the Majors in 1906. They were successful, posting a mark of 86-76, which was good enough to get into the postseason. Unfortunately, they lost a hard-fought wild card series to the eventual champions, the 1976 Cincinnati Reds, four games to three.

Holding their ground at #25 are the 1944 St. Louis Cardinals. The Cards had a disappointing season in the Southern Atlantic League (A), ending their year with a win-loss record of 69-71. St. Louis will stay in the league for the 1907 season.

1906 Championships

Majors: 1976 Cincinnati Reds over 1905 New York Giants, 4-2

International League (AAA): 1951 New York Yankees over 1942 St. Louis Cardinals, 3-1

Pacific Coast League (AAA): 1928 Philadelphia Athletics over 1970 Cincinnati Reds, 3-0

Eastern League (AA): 1903 Pittsburgh Pirates over 1937 New York Yankees, 3-0

Southern League (AA): 1946 Brooklyn Dodgers over 2003 San Francisco Giants, 3-0

Texas League (AA): 1909 Detroit Tigers over 1908 New York Giants, 3-1

California League (A+): 1996 Cleveland Indians over 1930 Washington Senators, 3-2

Carolina League (A+): 1978 New York Yankees over 1951 Brooklyn Dodgers, 3-0

Florida State League (A+): 2002 Arizona Diamondbacks over 1920 Cleveland Indians, 3-2

Midwest League (A): 1976 Philadelphia Phillies over 1964 Chicago White Sox, 3-1

South Atlantic League (A): 1962 Los Angeles Dodgers over 1941 Brooklyn Dodgers, 3-2

New York-Penn League (Short A): 1999 Atlanta Braves over 1977 Philadelphia Phillies, 2-1

Northwest League (Short A): 1993 San Francisco Giants over 2001 Seattle Mariners, 2-0

Pioneer League (R): 1901 Chicago White Sox over 1971 Baltimore Orioles, 2-1

Appalachian League (R): 1921 New York Yankees over 1995 Atlanta Braves, 2-1

Arizona League (R): 1998 New York Yankees over 1903 New York Giants, 1-0

Gulf Coast League (R): 1934 New York Yankees over 1989 Oakland Athletics, 2-1

Dominican Summer League (R): 1922 New York Yankees over 1946 Boston Red Sox, 3-2

Up next: 1907

With all the teams promoted, relegated or staying put, we continue to the 1907 season, the eighth season of The .600 Club. Can the 1905 New York Giants keep their #1 position, or will the 1907 Chicago Cubs reclaim their title? As always, thanks for reading.

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