1945 Season Replay

For this scenario, we travel back to 1945. The Cardinals were in the midst of a dynasty, winning the National League the previous three seasons and bringing home two World Series titles. But in 1945, St. Louis was without their star player, Stan Musial. Even without him, the Cardinals challenged for the National League pennant, but finished three games behind the rival Chicago Cubs. Now, Cardinals fans will argue, even to this day, that if Musial had played instead of serving in the military, the Cubs would never have won the pennant. It was also the last season the Cubs

The .600 Club

When it comes to conversations about which team was the best to ever play the game, many arguments can be made for a particular team. Did the team in question win the most games in their league? Did the team win the World Series? If so, was it in seven games or a sweep? And how does one decide the cutoff between a “really good” team and a “great” team? Well, the line has to be drawn somewhere and the line, for me, was at a .600 winning percentage or higher. We’ll call them the .600 Club. When I set

The 1985 I-70 Series Revisited

Thirty years ago, the Kansas City Royals and the St. Louis Cardinals faced off in the 1985 World Series, in what would commonly be called the I-70 Series. The Cardinals fell short in 2014 of making a rematch a possibility, but the 2015 season is looking promising. Will there be a rematch this year? I guess we’ll find out. For this Series Scenario, the 1985 World Series between the teams will be replayed. Will the Royals take the Series in seven games as they did in real life or will the Cardinals redeem themselves and show they were really the