1905 New York Giants Top All

The first season of the Epic Scenario, The .600 Club, has been completed in the year 1900. Champions have been crowned on all eighteen levels of this epic league and some teams are preparing to either be promoted or relegated based on their performance. Now, keep in mind, this was the first of many seasons. Some key players were injured, leading some teams to under perform. Here is a list of all of the league championship match ups. Majors: 1905 New York Giants over the 1948 Cleveland Indians, 4 games to 1. AAA: International League: 1931 St. Louis Cardinals over

1919 World Series Replay

          With the debate about whether Shoeless Joe Jackson should be reinstated by Major League Baseball, it is time to travel back to 1919 and the World Series between Jackson’s Chicago White Sox and the Cincinnati Reds. Most every baseball fan knows the story about how Shoeless Joe and seven teammates took money from gamblers and threw the series, leading to their banishment from baseball following the 1920 season. Now, favorites have lost to underdogs throughout the history of sports. Could the Reds have taken the series without the White Sox helping them out? On paper,