Finishing The 1994 Season

In 1994, I was just getting out of college and trying to pursue a career. I had grown up following baseball and rooting for my St. Louis Cardinals. They had success in the 1980’s, but the 1990’s were proving to be a little more difficult. Regardless, as a true fan, I followed baseball and my team with passion. As the 1994 season progressed, my Cardinals weren’t doing as well as I would have liked. Then August 12th came and the season ended abruptly. The players had gone on strike and the owners were not budging either. When the season was

1905 New York Giants hold top spot for 2nd consecutive season

I have completed the second season of the Epic Scenario, The .600 Club, played in the year 1901. Champions have been crowned on all eighteen levels of this epic league and some teams are preparing to either be promoted or relegated based on their performance. There’s a lot of volatility in the rankings, but as the seasons progress, I would expect that the rankings will change less. The biggest jumper in the rankings are the 1935 Detroit Tigers. The Tigers had a poor showing in 1900, posting a 68-72 record in the Southern League (AA). That performance got them relegated to the Florida