2016 Major League Playoff Predictions

Will Your Team Make It To The Playoffs?                     Well, we’re a couple of weeks into the 2016 season. How’s your team doing? Better than expected? Worse? I don’t put a lot of faith in preseason predictions. I want to see the teams play when the games count and then I’ll decide whether they’re worth all the hype, or just hype. Besides, too many things can happen; injuries, trades, below or above average performances by players. Usually when I write about baseball and simulating events, they focus on past events and

The 1905 New York Giants Are Still The Best

The third season of the Epic Scenario, The .600 Club, is now complete and the 1905 New York Giants are still the best, staying at the top of the poll for the third consecutive season. The Giants posted a Major League best record of 104-58, but were upset in the playoffs by the eventual champs, the 1907 Chicago Cubs. The Cubs find themselves now in the #2 position in the poll after completion of the 1902 season. Here’s the Top 25 teams after three seasons, with their previous rank (or NR for Not Ranked): 1905 New York Giants (1) 1907