Eliminate The Playoffs

A Look At The World Series Without The Playoffs There was a time in baseball where there were no playoffs. The winner of the American League played the winner of the National League in the World Series to decide the champion of Major League Baseball. In 1969, the playoffs were introduced. This was done due to expansion, keeping fans interested in the teams and, of course, for the owners to make more money. But here at BaseballScenarios.com, it’s time to Eliminate The Playoffs. Why, you might ask? Because the playoffs have watered down the regular season. The only thing the

Chicago Cubs Hold On To #1 Spot

1907 Cubs Are #1 For 2nd Year In A Row The 1907 Chicago Cubs hold on to the #1 spot after completing the sixth season of the Epic Scenario, The .600 Club. Using the statistical probabilities from 1905, we continue our journey through the dead ball era. As expected, the teams of that era are performing well, but there have been a some surprising teams which have also been successful. As I mentioned, the 1907 Chicago Cubs keep their top ranking. This season, the Cubs got into the playoffs as a wild card at the Major League level, finishing the