The Collegiate Baseball Association

A Revised History Of College Baseball One of the great things about Out Of The Park Developments baseball simulation software, OOTP, is the users ability to create whatever world they want or can imagine. This could be something completely fictional, semi-fictional or even a historical replay. As all baseball fans know, if we could change one decision or one at bat, the results of baseball history could have been completely different. So, seeing as how I live in a college town, I researched the evolution of college baseball. And I wondered, what would collegiate baseball look like if it were

Eliminate The Playoffs: 1973

Cincinnati Reds vs. Baltimore Orioles “Sooner or later, it was bound to happen.” That’s the first line fromĀ This Great GameĀ about the 1973 season. A season in which a “backdoor champion” would take the pennant, thanks to the playoffs. The National League would give the World Series that champion in 1973 in the form of the New York Mets (82-79). The Mets managed to beat the Cincinnati Reds (99-63), three games to two, to steal the pennant. To their credit, the Mets outscored the Reds 23-8 in the five game series. Meanwhile, I’m sure the Los Angeles Dodgers (95-66) and San