Collegiate Baseball Association: 1873

A New Champion Emerges After a couple of coaching changes at Harvard and Fordham, the 1873 season of the Collegiate Baseball Association was underway. Commissioner James Herring moved the start of the season from the middle of March to the beginning of March, and so the season began on March 4th. Yale, Princeton and Lafayette began the season as favorites to win their regions, while Cornell was picked to make it into the postseason as the wildcard. By the end of the first month of play, the favorites were looking the part. Brown was the surprise team, challenging Yale in

Eliminate The Playoffs: 1974

Baltimore Orioles vs. Los Angeles Dodgers The 1974 Baltimore Orioles finished the regular season with the American League’s best mark, beating out the Oakland A’s by a single game in the standing. Thanks to the playoffs, the Athletics defeated the Orioles, three games to one, in 1974 en route to their World Series championship over the Los Angeles Dodgers. However, how would the Orioles have fared against the Dodgers in the World Series? Los Angeles posted the best record in the National League at 102-60, with the Cincinnati Reds finishing four games back. Let’s continue our look into how the