Welcome to BaseballScenarios.com.

BaseballScenarios.com uses a premier baseball simulation program to recreate baseball’s past events, current events or even predict what could happen in the future. Which team is the greatest of all time? Need to settle a disagreement with your buddy about whose favorite team was better? I take the scenario, sim it and post the results on my page. And don’t worry, I won’t charge you a dime. I run baseball scenarios purely for the fun of it…well, and to win a few arguments.

This site came to be as a result of years of being a baseball fan, a student of history and a consumer of simulation games. It is a place for baseball fans to come together and share their opinions about baseball, what was and what might have been. As a St. Louis Cardinals fan, I know just how easily the tables could turn on a team. The Texas Rangers could have been champions instead of the Cardinals a few years ago, had they gotten just one more strike on a couple of occasions.

And that’s how “what if” scenarios begin. What if. Famous last words for many teams that didn’t win when they were so close to doing so. Maybe they were the favorites and choked. Or maybe the underdogs were severely underrated. Would things have turned out different if a star player wasn’t injured?

At BaseballScenarios.com, I take a scenario and sim it to see if history could indeed repeat itself or to see if history could be rewritten. I use Out of the Park Developments simulation software, Out of the Park Baseball, exclusively. To me, it’s the best on the market. When the sim is complete, I post the results on my blog. Some sims can be very simple and easily done. Others may take a while longer and be more complicated.

Scenarios are divided into seven categories: Series Scenarios, which will be easy replays, generally a series between teams. Season Scenarios, which will consist mainly of seasonal replays. Epic Scenarios are multi-season ventures, usually with a large number of teams, which will take longer to manage. Future Scenarios deal with projections and predictions. Fictional Scenarios will showcase events that didn’t play out as they did in real life, such as if the Federal League would have survived and the Continental League would have become reality. Opinion is just that…my opinion, backed up with facts, of course. And finally, the Player Scenario, where I focus on the career of a single player.

 If you have any scenario ideas, please contact me with them. Take your “what if” baseball scenario and bring it to life with BaseballScenarios.com.

I created BaseballScenarios.com to share my near obsession with creating and recreating various baseball scenarios with other baseball fans who relish the “what if” mentality. My name is Allan Bell and I’m a pretty normal guy, other than this passion for baseball and rewriting history using simulation software. I’m married with four kids, three girls and a boy. I have a B.A. in History and I have spent a good part of my life playing around on computers. I work a full-time job like everyone else, so this site is a labor of love in my spare time. My wife probably thinks I’m a little nuts, but is very supportive of my endeavors. As a matter of fact, this site was, in a way, her idea. As I looked toward my future, with one year to go in my current career, (where I am very fortunate to have a twenty year pension) my wife suggested I do something I was passionate about. I’m pretty sure she didn’t think I would build my own website, but here it is.

I hope you enjoy. Thank you for reading.