1905 Giants Return To Top Spot

New York Is #1 After Cubs Slip After spending two seasons in the number two slot, the 1905 New York Giants have returned to #1. The seventh season, 1906, of the Epic Scenario, The .600 Club, has finally been completed. Thanks to an off-year by the previous leader, the 1907 Chicago Cubs, the Giants have returned to the top spot in the rankings after a great season in the Majors. The Giants returned to the World Series, although they did lose in six games to the 1976 Cincinnati Reds. Here’s a look at the updated rankings, with their previous year’s

Chicago Cubs Hold On To #1 Spot

1907 Cubs Are #1 For 2nd Year In A Row The 1907 Chicago Cubs hold on to the #1 spot after completing the sixth season of the Epic Scenario, The .600 Club. Using the statistical probabilities from 1905, we continue our journey through the dead ball era. As expected, the teams of that era are performing well, but there have been a some surprising teams which have also been successful. As I mentioned, the 1907 Chicago Cubs keep their top ranking. This season, the Cubs got into the playoffs as a wild card at the Major League level, finishing the

Cubs Take Over Top Spot As Giants Falter

The fifth season of the .600 Club has been completed using 1904 statistics and there is a new top team. The 1907 Chicago Cubs have taken over the top spot as the previous #1, the 1905 New York Giants, faltered and finished just under .500 (80-82) and didn’t make the playoffs at the Major League level. They lost first baseman Dan McGann for the season in mid-May to injury, while catcher Frank Bowerman missed half the season with three separate injuries. Center fielder Mike Donlin had three stints on the DL during the season, while shortstop Bill Dahlen was injured

1905 New York Giants Do It Again

The 1905 New York Giants do it again, finishing on top of our rankings for the fourth straight season. The Epic Scenario, The .600 Club, has just completed its fourth season, 1903. As expected, the early teams of baseball are excelling. Why? Because they were built for the deadball era. As for the 1905 New York Giants, they are making a strong case for themselves as the best team of the deadball era. Now, that may be a bit premature to say after only four seasons, but the deadball era will only last through the 1920 season. The Giants finished

The 1905 New York Giants Are Still The Best

The third season of the Epic Scenario, The .600 Club, is now complete and the 1905 New York Giants are still the best, staying at the top of the poll for the third consecutive season. The Giants posted a Major League best record of 104-58, but were upset in the playoffs by the eventual champs, the 1907 Chicago Cubs. The Cubs find themselves now in the #2 position in the poll after completion of the 1902 season. Here’s the Top 25 teams after three seasons, with their previous rank (or NR for Not Ranked): 1905 New York Giants (1) 1907

1905 New York Giants hold top spot for 2nd consecutive season

I have completed the second season of the Epic Scenario, The .600 Club, played in the year 1901. Champions have been crowned on all eighteen levels of this epic league and some teams are preparing to either be promoted or relegated based on their performance. There’s a lot of volatility in the rankings, but as the seasons progress, I would expect that the rankings will change less. The biggest jumper in the rankings are the 1935 Detroit Tigers. The Tigers had a poor showing in 1900, posting a 68-72 record in the Southern League (AA). That performance got them relegated to the Florida

1905 New York Giants Top All

The first season of the Epic Scenario, The .600 Club, has been completed in the year 1900. Champions have been crowned on all eighteen levels of this epic league and some teams are preparing to either be promoted or relegated based on their performance. Now, keep in mind, this was the first of many seasons. Some key players were injured, leading some teams to under perform. Here is a list of all of the league championship match ups. Majors: 1905 New York Giants over the 1948 Cleveland Indians, 4 games to 1. AAA: International League: 1931 St. Louis Cardinals over

The .600 Club

When it comes to conversations about which team was the best to ever play the game, many arguments can be made for a particular team. Did the team in question win the most games in their league? Did the team win the World Series? If so, was it in seven games or a sweep? And how does one decide the cutoff between a “really good” team and a “great” team? Well, the line has to be drawn somewhere and the line, for me, was at a .600 winning percentage or higher. We’ll call them the .600 Club. When I set