Collegiate Baseball Association: 1873

A New Champion Emerges After a couple of coaching changes at Harvard and Fordham, the 1873 season of the Collegiate Baseball Association was underway. Commissioner James Herring moved the start of the season from the middle of March to the beginning of March, and so the season began on March 4th. Yale, Princeton and Lafayette began the season as favorites to win their regions, while Cornell was picked to make it into the postseason as the wildcard. By the end of the first month of play, the favorites were looking the part. Brown was the surprise team, challenging Yale in

Collegiate Baseball Association: 1872

Princeton Repeats As Champion The 1872 season started out with the favorites jumping into the lead right from the beginning, with Yale, Princeton and Villanova hold down 1st place after the first two weeks of play. But a new team had come into the mix, the Lafayette Leopards. Lafayette was a preseason pick for the wild card and was right on ‘Nova’s heels. Six weeks into the season, last year’s playoff contender, Penn, was out of the race, its team ravaged by injuries. Halfway through the season, Princeton was the obvious favorite, posting a 25-5 record, four games ahead of

The Collegiate Baseball Association

A Revised History Of College Baseball One of the great things about Out Of The Park Developments baseball simulation software, OOTP, is the users ability to create whatever world they want or can imagine. This could be something completely fictional, semi-fictional or even a historical replay. As all baseball fans know, if we could change one decision or one at bat, the results of baseball history could have been completely different. So, seeing as how I live in a college town, I researched the evolution of college baseball. And I wondered, what would collegiate baseball look like if it were