Replaying the 1981 Season

We’re replaying the 1981 season. Why? Well, after posting about the 1994 baseball strike, I got to thinking about other years of my youth where labor strikes disrupted my passion for baseball. So, baseball’s mid-season strike which divided the season into two halves seemed like an obvious choice. Now, anyone who knows me knows I don’t care for the split-season format. It’s used in the minors and it wouldn’t even be there if I could do anything about it. It’s an invitation for a team to tank after winning the first half, knowing they’re going to the playoffs anyway. In

Finishing The 1994 Season

In 1994, I was just getting out of college and trying to pursue a career. I had grown up following baseball and rooting for my St. Louis Cardinals. They had success in the 1980’s, but the 1990’s were proving to be a little more difficult. Regardless, as a true fan, I followed baseball and my team with passion. As the 1994 season progressed, my Cardinals weren’t doing as well as I would have liked. Then August 12th came and the season ended abruptly. The players had gone on strike and the owners were not budging either. When the season was

1945 Season Replay

For this scenario, we travel back to 1945. The Cardinals were in the midst of a dynasty, winning the National League the previous three seasons and bringing home two World Series titles. But in 1945, St. Louis was without their star player, Stan Musial. Even without him, the Cardinals challenged for the National League pennant, but finished three games behind the rival Chicago Cubs. Now, Cardinals fans will argue, even to this day, that if Musial had played instead of serving in the military, the Cubs would never have won the pennant. It was also the last season the Cubs