Eliminate The Playoffs


A Look At The World Series Without The Playoffs

There was a time in baseball where there were no playoffs. The winner of the American League played the winner of the National League in the World Series to decide the champion of Major League Baseball. In 1969, the playoffs were introduced. This was done due to expansion, keeping fans interested in the teams and, of course, for the owners to make more money. But here at BaseballScenarios.com, it’s time to Eliminate The Playoffs.

Why, you might ask? Because the playoffs have watered down the regular season. The only thing the best team in either league gets is home field advantage. Usually, it’s the team who gets hot at the right time making it to the World Series, not the best team from each league.

There have been 46 World Series played since the playoffs were introduced in 1969. Only 11 of those featured the best team from both leagues. Three of those World Series took place in the first three years of the playoffs, from 1969-71. That’s a 23.9% chance of seeing the best team from each league play each other for the World Series title. Out of the remaining World Series, 20 had the best team from one league appear in the World Series. So, there is a 43.5% chance of having only one of the best teams from either league make it to the Fall Classic. That leaves a 32.6% chance that the World Series will feature two teams who weren’t the best team in either of their respective leagues.

In this upcoming collection of Series Scenarios, we’ll explore how each of those World Series could have turned out if the playoffs were eliminated. The modern history of baseball will look much different by the time we get done. In the next post, we’ll begin our journey in 1972, the first year the top team from each league did not meet in the World Series. 


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